Monday, September 1, 2014

Bathroom Renovation - Part 1

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When we first moved in I knew that eventually we would redo the main bathroom, but for the time being I just did a quick repaint.  I love bright colours, I wanted a bright and cheery bathroom so I painted it this awesome (if you like bright colours) blue.

Bathroom pre-reno

You will notice that this bathroom is small.  So small.  It was not long before the vanity (which left very little space to walk through the bathroom) and the sink (which was very shallow, resulting in water splashing everywhere each time we turned on the water) were driving me crazy.  Once we knew a baby was on the way we decided it was time to say goodbye old sink, hello new vanity.


And so the process began.  If you are looking for a post on a budget reno, this is not it.  I love saving money, I really do, but after much thought we realized we could not do a cheap renovation for two main reasons:
1.  In order to maximize the space in our small bathroom we needed custom work done in several places.
2.  Looking at comparables selling in our neighbourhood, we would need a luxury type bathroom to get maximum resale value from our house (in the event we need to sell.


Here are the pictures of our renovated bathroom (Part 1 - Part 2 will follow later).

The entire bathroom was gutted.  Vanity, toilet, tub, floors, everything gone.  Poof.  The footprint did not change and the walls were not moved.  In the picture above it looks like a wall is being added or moved, but the wall was simply made bigger (6 inches instead of 4) to accommodate new fixtures for the new shower.  

Below is a picture of the flooring - it is Pasha porcelain tile.  I just love it.  

This is the view once the custom vanity was installed (more on this later).  Behind the vanity we had white subway tiles instead from the floor to just above the vanity (they are wall to wall).  The light fixture is by Martha Stewart and was purchased at Home Depot.  There is a mirror above the sink (not in this picture, see Part 2).

The walls were painted a light very, very light grey (the reason I am not mentioning a name is because I had it colour matched to something) using Para Paint.  Let's talk about the vanity.  The picture is angled because our bathroom is so small I cannot get a straight on picture of the entire vanity. The vanity is my favourite piece of the bathroom.  It is solid wood and was custom ordered through Dreamwood Furniture in Nobleton, Ontario. (Disclosure: I know the store's owner.)  Dreamwood Furniture is amazing.  We have ordered numerous custom pieces from there and it is amazing, high-quality furniture.  They ship all over North America and have excellent prices.  I highly recommend a visit to their showroom in Nobleton.  Getting back to the vanity now - I needed a custom vanity because we actually reduced the depth by 6 inches (compared to the previous one) in order to make the bathroom feel spacier.  It worked.  The vanity is tall, narrow, and long.  The bathroom looks so much better with this piece and we can move around with ease.  It is painted in Seersucker Suit by Benjamin Moore.  The apron sink is made by Whitehaus. (MONEY SAVING TIP: I ordered the sink from Home (not .ca) and had it shipped to a store in Michigan, where I picked it up.  We did this with several pieces in our bathroom and it ended up saving us over $1000.00.  Check your prices.  You either need an American credit card in order to do this or a gift certificate.  Also you need a US mailing address even if you are having it shipped to a store).  We used wall mounted faucets simply because we could not fit another faucet behind the sink without having to increase the size of the vanity.  The countertops are quartz, PARYS from Cambria.  It is beautiful.

That's all for Part 1.  

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