Sunday, September 7, 2014

Having a child is absolutely the best and most important thing you will ever do (#10)

This is the final installment from my list, 10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Giving Birth

You want to have kids.  You are excited to have kids.  You know that family is important to you.  This will be amplified infinitely once your baby is actually here.  Being a parent is hard.  Really hard.  Sometimes more than others.  However, even the most baby-loving person will tell you that they never imagined how much they would love their own child.  Having a baby sometimes changes your outlook on life, other times it just makes convictions you already had stronger.  Your priority will become (it should become) raising you child in a stable, loving, happy home.  You will realize how little material things matter (for example you may suddenly find your entire shoe budget shifted to swaddling blankets, or your husband's annual boy trip money going to your child's RESP).  This little person will make you want to be the best you can possibly be.  You will do what is best for your child.  And you will not regret it.  Not once.  Having a healthy, safe child is without a doubt the greatest blessing of adult life.  Cherish life.

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