Monday, September 22, 2014

Things I Love: Ricardo

I love Ricardo Larrivée.  Not on a personal level, I've never met him, but I absolutely adore his cooking show as well as his cookbooks and magazine.  So you can imagine how thrilled I was when I picked up the premiere edition of his English magazine Ricardo at Costco Canada this past weekend.  Ricardo is one of Canada's best chefs.  We are a half French speaking household, so I have watched his cooking show and read his French magazine for years - but now I am thrilled that English Canadians (and Americans) can enjoy his English language magazine.

Why do I love Ricardo so much?
It is quite simple - he creates beautiful recipes that are practical.  Excellent food that working moms and dads can make without having a nervous breakdown.  His recipes are designed with the importance of family mealtime in mind (because it is important).  If you have seen his show, or seen him appear on television it is obvious how important family is to him.  And to erase any doubt, here is a quote from the introduction of his new magazine:
"I have always wanted a family of my own....Your family helps you discover your true self. 

Day after day, we create great recipes that bring families together, enable them to save time and money, teach people healthy eating habits, help build children's confidence, and even contribute to the local economy."

Do go and pick up this issue of Ricardo - available at Costco Canada and other retailers.  If you are living in the States or elsewhere abroad, here is the link to Ricardo's website:

Try.  Taste.  Enjoy.

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