Sunday, October 19, 2014

"Journey Straight to Slutsville" and Other Excellent Weekend Reading

Alright, here are some reads for your weekend.

The first, Crippling Medical Research, was brought to my attention via Laura Rosen Cohen.

Do read it all - it is very good and showcases the dangers of Group Think.

The second is an older article that came to my attention this morning about the slutification of little girls.  It is excellent writing from Mireille Silcoff over at the National Post.  "Moms against sass"
An excerpt:
There is such thing as sexiness for toddlers. Once they are seven or eight, the approved marketing term is “sassiness.” For under-sevens I am not sure what the ad-land word is. Maybe cutie-ness. At any rate, I find it abhorrent beyond any word; this strange culture of putting tiny children on a one-track aesthetic journey straight into slutsville.

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