Monday, October 13, 2014

The System

Now that it is almost time for me to return to full time work, I am working on setting up what I call "The System."  With both of us working full time, plus kids, and my husband gone most of the week we need a very set routine in place so that things can run smoothly.  If we do not follow "The System" things fall apart, the house turns into a disaster and we end up eating out all the time.  We are currently doing some dry runs to test it for quirks and necessary adjustments.  I will be writing more about The System (which, of course, is actually just a routine) in the neat future.  Of note, I will be writing about some of my favourite recipes that can be used for multiple meals in different formats and about how we make our own lunches in order to get the most bang for our buck.  And it's healthy too.  Stay tuned.

An Aside:  This blog is not a money maker.  It is not my job (I work full time) and I have no marketing affiliates at this time.  As such, I post as I am able to.  I would love to post every day but time just does not permit that at the moment.  The best way to follow what is going on in this space is to subscribe (see the bar on the right to do so).  If you want to keep track of my more political news, then do follow me on Twitter where I post regularly on related topics.  Thank you!

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