Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Who are we kidding? It's called terrorism

This is how you in your own way can defeat terrorism:  Stop being a namby pamby and call a spade a spade.

If we cannot have frank and honest discussions about what is going on the battle is lost.

Driving in my car last Thursday I was listening to Radio Canada (French CBC).  They were discussing Michael Zehaf-Bibeau's father who allegedly went to fight in Libya several years ago, the fact that Zehaf-Bibeau was kicked out of a mosque in BC, and other details.  Radio Canada actually had a lot of really good information - yet somehow every other sentence seemed to be "but this was NOT terrorism" or "nothing to do with Islam."  The Globe and Mail actually referred to a motive for the attack as "extreme religiosity."  What a joke.  If we live in a society where we have to twist our sentences into verbal pretzels to avoid saying the words Islam and terrorism together the Islamic terrorists are winning (note - they are winning the cultural jihad in many ways).  Every discussion on this topic should not have to include the obvious disclaimer that the majority of Muslims are not terrorists.  Any intelligent person with a functioning brain knows this.  Zehaf-Bibeau was kicked out of a mosque because he was a nutjob and they did not want to be associated with him, but that did not stop him from linking up with Islamic radicals in the vast universe of online jihadis.  This is a problem that cannot be ignored.  I was shocked (except I wasn't) while reading a recap of Corporal Cirillo's funeral today on Global News' website.  In the very article about this terrorist act they referred to the death of WO Patrice Vincent as a "hit-and-run".  These are the types of vague, nothing to see here statements that must be met with criticism.  Freedom loving Canadians must fight to reclaim the narrative.

Laura Rosen Cohen sums it up nicely:
In allegedly free societies, we have already surrendered so much of our personal liberty that we have essentially lost a big part of the war against the evil barbarians.

We live in a society now where our hard-won fight to speak freely, and think freely have all but disintegrated in front of our passive eyes. When you live in an allegedly "free" society that polices jokes, regulates speech and criminalizes speech or thoughts, you have already lost.

When people are too afraid to discuss their legitimate concerns about immigration, about integration and about the religious nature of terrorist attacks, you have already lost. And make no mistake about it, these loses of personal freedom are big victories for the terrorists.

While they Tweet freely, mock our losses of life, make Facebook pages and death cult snuff videos, behead people in free countries on public roads in broad daylight, kill babies in carriages and lure teenage girls to serve as sex slaves in Syria, the same people who might somberly wear a poppy, lay a wreath and even donate money to good causes, are afraid to freely speak their mind in public about contentious issues.

 I started this blog because I am convinced that there are other people (specifically but most certainly not limited to women) like myself who are trying to work, look after the family and live life, while at the same time wanting to fight against forces of evil.  That is why you find posts here ranging from breastfeeding to furniture DIY to how to unslutify young girls and fight cultural jihad.  Surely I am not alone?

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