Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A Mid-Week Read. Or two.

From Laura Rosen Cohen:

I cannot stand this ridiculously tyrannical idea of "fighting hatred". Fight your enemies to the death-but fighting hate is a useless, band-aid, liberal, utopian idea that needs to be buried once in for all. And yes-of course I include "fighting antisemitism" in that category. Fight the Jew-haters, yes. Fighting "hatred"-a freaking waste of time, money and energy.

In a civilized society, the marketplace of ideas is the best way to 'fight' the unpalatable and uncivil ideas among us. Hate is a normal human emotion. There are things we need to and ought to hate. 

Unfortunately, most people nowadays are too terrified to articulate the things that out to be hated, and hated publicly. 

We should hate tyranny. We should hate the jihad. We should hate all attempts by government to rescind our personal liberties. We should hate all attempts to nationalize the family and our bodies. We should hate all attempts to destroy the family.  We should hate being afraid. We should hate hiding our opinions.

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Also: I do not often buy into these mommy type articles but this one (although a few months old) really resonated with me when I read it this week.  Probably because I am in the middle of this.  But let me just note that hopefully if you do your best to raise your kids as good, loving, generous souls you will never, ever be a burden to them.  Take note with how you treat your own parents.  Your kids are watching.  I have to remind myself of this sometimes.

Speaking of which, my baby is crying for me so off I go.

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