Saturday, January 10, 2015

Je ne suis pas Charlie.

I have had so much to say about the most recent terrorist attack in Paris, but have had no time to sit down and put my thoughts together.  I am not so into myself that I think anything I write about it will make a difference, but just a few thoughts.

First of all, you are not Charlie so get over yourself.  This is even more pathetic than #bringbackourgirls.  Unless you yourself have the balls to republish drawings of Mohammed on your Facebook page, website, or publication than you most certainly are not Charlie.  #jesuischarlie at best is what naive people are posting in a sad attempt to show solidarity with victims of Islamic terror, but really it is the hashtag behind which everyone who lacks the guts to actually do something to create change can hide behind.  Even worse, #jesuisjuif.  This one is particularly rich. I promise you - if the attack at Marché Casher had not immediately followed and been linked to the massacre at Charlie Hebdo there would be no #jesuisjuif hashtag.  As I tweeted yesterday, where were all you hashtaggers when for Ilan Halimi, or the rabbi and children who were murdered in Toulouse in 2012?  Where were you this summer when Jewish business in France were being attacked and Jews were being forced to hide in a synagogue as it was surrounded and attacked by a mob of Islamists?  If you really want to show that "jesuisjuif" (which you are not) you would be out shopping at Jewish businesses, or you would be standing outside synagogues in a show of support.  Instead, France is shutting synagogues and Jewish businesses down "for their safety."  2015 is starting to feel more and more like 1942.

Jews already know France will, once again, fail to protect them.  This is why they are leaving in droves.
Ilan Halimi, Toulouse, the targeted rape of a Jewish woman: nothing to see here.  Just Jews.  Lone wolf attackers.  Mentally ill. What the ordinary French are failing to recognize is that France will also fail to protect them.  As so many people smarter than myself have said: it always starts with Jews, it never ends with Jews.  France's political class has a history of turning over its Jewish population to the butcher du jour in an effort to get a free pass for the rest of its citizens.   Turns out this is not a winning strategy.

Laura Rosen Cohen pretty much sums it up:
F*ck you France.

Superior firepower, superior intelligence, having no fear, and nothing less than a complete commitment to the preservation of Western, Judeo-Christian civilization and democracy are the only things that will save us from ourselves at this point.

Look around you: all over the "free" world, people are not even brave enough to draw or publish a cartoon to save their civilization-they think that will save their sorry, dhimmi asses.

My recommendation is to stick with superior firepower and a commitment to freedom. 

This week's events will not be a tipping point in policy.  Most likely, they are just another example of a sustained series of guerrilla style terrorist attacks (see Canada, Australia).

France, like many European countries, said hey #illridewithyou to radical Islamists.  This policy is suicidal.

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