Saturday, January 24, 2015

Money Saving Tip: Reuse, Refurbish, ReStore

Regular readers know that I love Habitat for Humanity's ReStore.  About a month ago I one of those great moments in life where everything just seems to come together, and it happened at the ReStore.

For months we had been looking for a quality glider to replace the rocker recliner in my son's bedroom that had gone completely off the rails.  It was worn out to the point that grease was leaking out of the mechanical parts (no idea what to call them) of the chair and actually ruined the carpet in the nursery.  We desperately needed a replacement.  However, getting a good, quality, new glider can be pricey.  I just didn't want to spend that kind of money at the moment, having just returned to work after a year off.  I actually prayed that I would be able to find some kind of crazy deal on a new chair.  The next morning I went to a Habitat ReStore, not the one I usually go to but in a nearby town, and there sitting in a dusty corner of the store was a Dutailier glider, in almost perfect condition, Made In Canada.  Amazing.  FIFTEEN DOLLARS.  The cushions had some stains on them and there was no ottoman but I did not care.

We washed this beauty down with warm soapy water (as instructed on Dutailier's website) and  the wood is in great condition.  At first I was going to have a local seamstress make reupholster the cushions, but when I realized what a big job this is and how much it would cost (over $200.00 in labour) I decided against it.  As it turns out, the seamstress at our local fabric store (whom I had never met before) has an elderly mother who lives near the town where I grew up, and she is looking into nursing homes for her.  Not being from that area she was thrilled that I was able to give her several recommendations.  Isn't it amazing how life brings people together sometimes?

Anyway, I ended up ordering replacement cushions from Dutailier's website (yes, you can do this!!! and I got ones that were already in stock so the grand total for brand spanking new cushions was $125.00).  They arrived within a few days and.....voil√†.....a beautiful new Dutailier glider for the nursery.  Love it.

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