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Friday Night Dinner Project: Thanksgiving Dinner *Updated with photos*

Note: There are no picture at this time due to my computer being dead.  Photos will be added at a later date.  Apologies.

The Thanksgiving menu in Friday Night Dinners is truly wonderful.  Really.  We did not make it for Thanksgiving (obviously), but we made it on a chilly winter weekend.  The leftovers were equally enjoyable.

Let's begin...

Ginger Pear Sangria
By the time I got rid of the candied ginger (because I do not like it) and made this a virgin drink recipe, it was essentially pear nectar, sugar, and Canada Dry Ginger Ale.  It was still a nice drink.  The only thing I might suggest is that if you are making it without the ginger and alcohol to omit the sugar as the pear nectar is already quite sweet, plus you will have the sweetness of the ginger ale which you would not have if you are using wine.

Roasted Carrot and Butternut Spread with Pita
I have made this dip before and served it when entertaining friends and family - it always goes over well.  It is just something different - a warm vegetable dip that is not full of cheese or dairy products - and it tastes fabulous.  I have served it with grilled pita and naan bread, but this time when I made I tried something different.  I made bite sized appetizers by placing a small amount of dip on a cracker (I used Ritz) and topping it with a bit of feta cheese.  Amazing!!  In her book, Bonnie suggests putting some crumbled feta on top of the dip and this pairing was indeed quite good.  This dip can be reheated and served.

Sweet Chili Tomato Soup with Cherry Tomatoes
For the ten years I have known my husband he has refused all Tomato Soups.  He ate this one.  He liked it.  It is definitely sweet, as the name suggests.  It is not difficult to make and would be great for a light meal served with piping hot cheese garlic bread.

Laid-back Roast Turkey with Cornbread Stuffing
For Christmas this year my mother-in-law got me the mother of all roasting pans - a Mauviel roasting pan (these are available at Costco Canada online, but if you live close to or in the States they are available at Sur La Table for an excellent price).  Our old (cheap) roasting pan died while I was making a previous recipe for the Friday Night Dinner Project.  Actually, the enamel peeled off the inside of the pan and ended up on the roast, but that is another story.  Anyway, I was pretty pumped to use my brand new, beautiful Mauviel roasting pan to make this turkey.  I have to confess that I did not get a fresh, butterflied as the recipe suggests (budget!) - I simply thawed out one of the frozen turkeys I keep in my freezer.  For everything else, I followed the recipe exactly and this turkey was great.  I also made the cornbread stuffing (but I cooked it in a separate 9x13 stone dish), using the cornbread recipe from one of the other menus in the book.  Everything was delicious.  Just really, really good.  I would not hesitate to make this turkey and stuffing combo for company.  The thing I really like about the stuffing is that it is not soggy as some stuffing can be, nor is it dry.

Cremini Mushroom Gravy and Spiced Cranberry Port Sauce
Both of these sauces are infused with flavour, easy to make and can be reheated.  Hello convenience.  I actually hate making gravy, but I found this gravy to be foolproof.  The cranberry sauce is very nice as well - and this is coming from someone who can usually take it or leave it.  The gravy tastes delicious poured over the Cornbread Stuffing.

Sweet Potato Mash with Vanilla and Chipotles
I love sweet potatoes so there was not really a chance of me not liking this recipe.  It is exactly as its title describes.

Sauteed Snow Peas with Garlic and Green Salad with Walnut Dressing
The greens that go with Thankgiving Dinner require very little time\prep in the kitchen which makes them perfect.  The Walnut Dressing reminded me of something although I could not quite put my finger on it.  I definitely recommend serving the salad with goat cheese.

Rustic Apple Tart
This tart is very good on its own.  It is AMAZING topped with French Vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce.  Yes.  So good.  I will also confess that I asked my husband to make this recipe and he was kind enough to oblige.  He worked his way through the recipe with no difficulty and I enjoyed the results!

And that's a wrap for the Thanksgiving Menu.  Enjoy!

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