Sunday, April 26, 2015


Free Advice:  You cannot solve your life problems by reading blogs.  

I am one of those people who cannot turn off.  At night, if I cannot sleep I am constantly thinking about what I need to do, what I should do, what I might do, how can I make our life more efficient, what groceries do I need, etc.  Some might even say this is why I cannot sleep, despite being totally exhausted.  This is one of the traps of Modern Motherhood Perfection - constantly feeling like giving your all is not enough, that you are not up to snuff.  Humph.

Sadly, I think blogs are unintentionally fueling this notion.  Don't get me wrong - I love blogs - but people seem to forget that they are mostly staged (not to be confused with fake).  There are not that many people who wake up in the morning and take pictures of beautifully manicured nails holding their Heriloom teacup while sitting on a perfectly clean white couch while soaking up heavenly like sunrays coming in the window.  Just saying.  It's pretty, but for most of us this is not reality.  If you are trying to live up to someone's blog, you will find yourself bloghausted.  

It can be so easy to believe that if we just find the write article about how to organize our pantry, iron our shirts, fold the bottom bedsheet, get our kid to eat more protein, life will magically be better.  It won't be.  If you want to make your life better spend fifteen minutes snuggling with your children.  Read them a book.  Take them outside.  Make cookies with them.  You will never regret these things.

Enjoy blogs for what they are - fun to read, sometimes helpful, often entertaining.  A little escape from reality that sometimes offers you some very useful information.

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