Friday, July 17, 2015

Simple Decoration Solutions

The new/old spare bedroom redo is almost ready for sharing - but in the interim let me share this.

I needed a little something for the corner by the bed - but I did not want a nightstand.  I was looking for something simple that would hold blankets, some magazines, and maybe a book for a guest looking to relax and unwind.  A basket.  Yes, a basket is what I needed.  Off to the Salvation Army I went, where I found this basket for $4.00.

Solid,  Dependable.  Good old wicker.

I had a can of Rustoleum on hand (Painter's Touch Ultra Colour in Satin Granite).  It was a beautiful sunny day.  Outside I went.  One coat bottom.  Two coats bottom.  One coat top.  Two coats top.  (Note - I only use Rustoleum outdoors because the fumes are incredibly strong.  Also - wicker takes a lot more paint that other projects because of all the holes.)

The basket say drying in the sun.  Then it came inside to its new home.

There it is.  Sitting in the corner full of Scottish Tartan and magazines waiting to be read.

Did I mention this cost $4.00?

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