Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Great Grocery Project: January Recap

It was a relatively uneventful month around here.  We all had the flu, so we may have eaten a bit less than normal.

The total grocery spend (value) in January was: $263.12.  

The total cash spent on groceries was: $218.12.
The difference between the two numbers is because I used points to get some groceries at Shopper's Drug Mart.  The value was slightly more, but I lost one of my grocery receipts this month and it was never found.  I used a gift card for those purchases though, so it would not change the cash spent amount.

My biggest spend this month was on Dairy - a total of $60.49 (this includes milk, yogurt, and cheese).

I didn't do anything supercrazy to save money this month - I just really avoided going grocery shopping unless I was completely out of something that I wanted.  I didn't really read the fliers this month because I didn't want to spend any money stocking up on things (and we are already pretty well stocked).

At the moment my freezer and pantry are full, full, full of stuff.  My fridge on the other hand is almost completely empty.  As a result, I am anticipating the bulk of my spending in February will be on dairy and produce.  Once again, we will be trying to keep the spending to a minimum this month.

I am going to be trying some new recipes with items on hand this month, hopefully I will find some good ones that I can share.

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