Saturday, June 17, 2017

Delicious Ideas for Celebrating Canada 150

Reading cookbooks or cooking magazines is one of my favourite, and most relaxing, pastimes.  Do I get to do it very often these days?  No.  Nonetheless, I found a few minutes recently to take a look at two publications made in honour of Canada's upcoming 150th birthday.  If you are looking for some inspiration in your summer kitchen, I highly recommend these two reads:

Recommendation #1: Ricardo

Regular readers know that I think Ricardo is one of Canada's culinary treasures.  My mom buys me a gift subscription to his magazine every Christmas.  The current issue has beautiful feature articles on the Canadian food industry and recipes to match.  I consider myself to be pretty knowledgeable on Canadian food, but I learned a lot reading this that Maille gets its Mustard seeds from Canadian farms, or that Canadian lentils are shipped worldwide.....

The issue features amazing (although not necessarily frugal) entertaining ideas like how to put together a beautiful seafood platter, planning ideas for a summer pool party, and an amazingly versatile strawberry cake recipe.  If you are a Canadian food lover, I would say this issue is a must-read.  You can visit Ricardo's website by clicking here.

Recommendation #2: Foodland Inspired
If you are looking for a more frugal (Read: #moneysavingtips) option, you can pick up a FREE copy of the summer issue of Foodland Inspired at your local Foodland.  But you don't even have to go to the store, you can access a Free online version of the magazine by clicking here.

Like the current issue of Ricardo, this issue of Inspired focuses on Canada's upcoming birthday celebration and has loads of great recipes for your summer parties.  Recipes include: No Bake Cheesecakes (pictured on the cover), Nanaimo Coffee Crisp Cake (um, yes please!!), Spice Rubs, Apple Coleslaw, and more.  It also features entertaining ideas, including a Ice Cream Bar spread that I found particularly well done.  What makes this issue really great is the wide variety of recipes.  Check it out - it's free!!!!!

This is an idea I wish I had thought of!  Read the magazine to learn more.

If you have never tried Nanaimo Bars (a Canadian specialty), you will want to try this recipe -but you might have to ask a Canadian friend to send you some Coffee Crisps in the mail!

So what are you waiting for?
Check out these two great reads, and get started on your summer party planning!

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