Saturday, November 25, 2017

The Great Grocery Project: Mid-November Update

Well, this month I have had no income but lots of outflow.  So far we have spent $269 on groceries - which is totally reasonable.  The grocery shopping has been going well - but I am not thrilled with spending in other areas.

Nonetheless, I am going back to work in one week so busy times are ahead.

This month I have mainly been focusing on getting ready for Christmas.

What have I done to save money this month?

1.  I used a coupon to make purchases at the Salvation Army.

2.  I made Lavender bath salts to put in with Christmas gifts.

3.  Using money I had set aside, I ordered handmade cold pressed soaps from my cousin (she has her own business) that I will include with the bath salts as gifts.

4.  Instead of spending money eating out or buying expensive pre-made foods, I made a birthday cake and appetizers from scratch which we brought to a birthday dinner for my mother in law.

RECIPE SHARE:  This is the Marble Bundt Cake with Chocolate Ganache from Ricardo.  Sooo good.

5.  I said "NO!!!" to many great deal on Black Friday.

6.  I took advantage of one great deal on Black Friday - I bought an Instant Pot.  Although I bought it now, I will be using money from a Christmas gift that I know someone is giving to me to pay for this.  I have been wanting one for a long time and I think it will help with some changes to my food plan that I want to make.  I already have two Crock-Pots (yes two, I use them ALL the time often simultaneously) but there are some things Instant Pot does that Crock-Pot does not.  We will see how this goes...

Birthday Art
7.  My oldest turned 4.  We kept his birthday simple.  He had a friend over and they played, ate grilled cheese and cake, and they each painted their own canvas art using supplies I had on hand.  I gave his friend an easel (from Dollarama) that he could display his canvas on at home. 

8.  I did a superspend of points at Shoppers Drug Mart (I had $170 worth of points to use - and the Black Friday special was that you could use $170 worth of points but get $40 worth of points put back on your card).  I used it to purchase grocery and household items as well as Lipikar Baume AP+ which both my sons use to help with severe dry skin in the winter.

9.  I went on a date with my husband (our first dinner out alone in three years).  We went out for breakfast and used the time to crunch a bunch of numbers for our year ahead and analyze some different options for decision we need to make in the year ahead.  It was time well spent.  After, we went to Shopper's Drug Mart for free flu shots.  How romantic.  I know.  Stop.

10.  I made someone else's life frugal by giving them partially used cans of primer we had leftover from our renovations.  Sharing the frugal is fun!!

More to come after the month is officially over...


  1. we have 3 different crock pots each different sizes and an instant pot. I just replaced the lg crock pot when it died at Tday dinner...Family of 2...we use them LOL

  2. We are making some mason jar gifts for Christmas, too! My daughter is planing on cookie mix in a jar and my son is going to do Russian tea mix (also called Friendship tea.

    I have been doing a No Spend November so I passed on the Black Friday deals. I have been seriously thinking of an Instant Pot but I didn't buy.

    1. I love doing the cookie mixes in mason jars. It makes a wonderful gift. Edible gifts are a favourite because they are practical and once consumed they do not take up space!

  3. I have been eyeing the Instant Pots also. Do share it works and what it does that crock pots can't handle.
    Jeannie @ GetMeToTheCountry