Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Friday Night Dinner Project: Midway Point

We are now officially halfway finished our cook-through of Bonnie Stern's wonderful cookbook Friday Night Dinners, Menus To Welcome The Weekend With Ease, Warmth and Flair.  There are many stories I would love to share in this post, but I am going to save them.  Well let's be honest - I am trying to finish this post before my son wakes up from his nap.  But I do have stories to share - and hopefully I will be able to write more as we go through the second half of the book.

Just a reminder to readers - I try to link to as many of the recipes as I can - but I will only link to them when they have been published through a legitimate source (ie. not stolen/pirated) - so if you want the full experience, do buy a copy of the book and cook along with me!

Here is a recap of the menus that we have covered so far:
(note this list is in the order the menus appear in the book - not the order I have cooked them in)


Rosh Hashanah

Israeli Dinner

Nostalgia Dinner

South African Dinner

Vegetarian Dinner

Fast Food Italian

Diner Dinner

Indian Dinner

Standing-Up Dinner


Dinner With Chuck

Dinner With The Kids

I will be resuming this series and completing the second half of Friday Night Dinners in May.

Thank you for reading - I hope you enjoy sharing these recipes with your family as much as I have.

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